3 original games for a great night with friends


by Lena


What better way to revive a party that is going down than playing games? Let’s have a look at 2 popular games French people play during parties as well as a 3rd one that is about to become a best seller! Here are a few ideas to pick up for your next parties.

The mölkky

The mölkky is the perfect game for summer nights! It has been getting more and more famous in France for almost a decade now. It could actually be compared to the french pétanque, but the mölkky was created in 1996 in Finland.
Since then, it became popular in many countries and even got listed as a world championship sport. By the way, France won the title several times.

How to play mölkky?

The aim is to make wooden pins fall thanks to a cylinder which is called the Mölkky. Pins are related to figures from 1 to 12. The first team or first player reaching 50 points wins the game.

Why is this game so cool ?

Mainly because it is a game you do not have to worry too much about. One often plays with a glass in his hand, sometimes as part of a team, but never too much seriously. In fact, a name was created to describe those you would dare be too serious about it :’ mölkvisti ‘. This word refers to the other word ‘mulkvisti’ meaning ‘jerk’. Now you are warned: take it lightly!

As a bonus, France hosted the 2019 world championship in Samoens in August!

Blanc Manger Coco

Referred as THE ideal card game for an aperitif with friends, the aim is to make people laugh thanks to harebrained word combinations. The only condition is to play with people you really know and will not leave offended before starting to eat.

How to play Blanc Manger Coco?

Each player gets 11 white cards to start with. A first player named the ‘Question Master’ draws a blue card on which a gap-filled text is written. Other players would choose a card among their hand and put it hidden-sided on the table.
The Question Master shuffles the cards then read again the blue card with each and every proposal. He would finally choose the one that is the funniest in the context according in his or her opinion!

Why is this game so cool?

You will find that there are loads of combinations in this game, from salacious jokes to dark humour. Famous people and characters will also be part of it. Even better, there are 9 versions of Blanc Manger Coco including Pot de Départ ‘leaving party’, la Petit Gaterie ‘the little treat’ or Salade, Tomate, Oignon ‘salad, tomato, onion’. Which one would you choose?

Let’s bet on ‘Les gens qui…’

This game might not be really well-known for now, yet we will surely hear about it soon. This card game deals with those everyday things that annoy everybody but that no one talks about.

How to play ‘Les gens qui…’ ?

The game banks on the capacity of players to know each. Indeed, the aim is to guess what annoys most the player who was designated as the ‘judge’. Each player then decides for instance what ‘people who do not flush the toilet’ will receive among: ‘heart on you’, ‘ give the finger’, ‘one year in gulag’ or ‘ death penalty’.

Why is this game so cool ?

No doubt it fuels the debates and enables to bring back deliciously bad memories! Financed thanks to a Ullule crowd-funding campaign, Les gens qui is just starting to be commercialized, but the feedbacks are already really good. Would you like to discover this new game?



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