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Superstitions are a great way to grasp the essence of a culture you hardly know anything about. France is no exception and there are quite a lot of beliefs that are related to the country.
Let’s focus on three superstitions related to very french notions : bread, wine and theater.

1 – Bread loaf upside down leaves french people with nervous breakdown

In France, culinary art is a subject we do not make fun of, and if there is one thing each French people need to have on his or her table, it is bread, bien sûr! According to french media franceinfo, 320 baguettes are produced every second in the country of romanticism.

If bread is so important, it should be presented correctly in the place on the table. Beware of the person who would lay the flat surface bread in the air.

Bread is a significant part of french baking culture, consequently is needs to be properly displayed on the table. Do not dare laying the curved part of the bread down to the table!

The Reason lies in the past

Why is it advised not to do so ? Simply because back in the old times, the upside down piece of bread was meant for the executioner. Bakers or shopkeepers putting the bread this way quickly became a sign for a bad event to come; only the executioner would risk touching it.

Today, the superstitious French will not be able to bear to see the bulging surface against the table!
Nowadays, one french superstitious people would find it unbearable to have so little regard for a loaded rustic bread or a warm baguette.

2 – How to…treat well French wine

After bread comes wine. Beyond the strict protocol one has to follow when tasting wines, here are three pieces of advice on how to pamper french people’s favorite!

Spilling wine on the table would bring misfortune that only throwing salt above your shoulder would help you ward off
When making a toast, do have in mind not to cross arms and glasses.
Look the people you’re making a toast with straight to the eyes

More tips on how to drink wine :

3 – Red card for green color

If there is one color you should never wear on stage it is green. For ages, this color has been avoided by stage actors. Indeed, a green outfit is said to be ominous for performances to come. Molière was even rumored to be dead wearing this color.

A not-so-crazy superstition

Actually, this superstition has a quite credible explanation… In the past, the green color on the costumes was obtained thanks to a chemical compound. The toxicity of this mixture would be the reason for the death of many actors!

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