Example: Create a meeting if you like bowling and want to practice Portuguese.

The meeting must be a non profit one, cultural and language exchange, 20 people maximum, the organizer must welcome the Trippers and stay with the group.

When is the best moment to post? 1 week before.

Once posted, you’ll get an email when the Trip will be validated and online.

Short Title: Ex: Bowling in Portuguese

Important details: O.g: When to come (Be on time / come whenever you want).

How to find the group (be accurate): Ex: In front of the entrance then inside / At the back of the bar / Ask the bar where the TripMeeters group is / Métro Jaures Sortie 1 Upstairs.

Details: What you are going to do, the program, what to bring, how much time will you wait the group at the meeting point, etc…

1 – Pick an activity that you like to do and check the opening hours.

2- Pick a date and time in your calendar when you’re free.

3- Fill the form and be accurate (Meeting point, how to find the group).

4-Share the meeting around you.

5- Day D – Go to the meeting point, 10 min before with a TripMeeters sign and welcome warmly the Trippers.

6- Welcome the Trippers in a friendly way and get to know each other.

7 –Have fun and schedule the next meeting with the group.


Valid only for Premium Members



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1- Beginner 2 - Intermediate 3 - Advanced

Activity 🎱 Bar 🍻 Café ☕

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